Friday, April 8, 2011

John Deere 4020

The JohnDeere 4020 is  possibly the most classic tractor that John Deere ever built. The 4020 was built to replace the 4010.The 4020 was built from 1964 till 1972.   There were more than 184,000 built, 17732 of them were standard diesels. There were diesel, gas  and propane engines built using either syncro-range or power-shift transmissions. The diesel engine had 404 cubic inches and produced 84 hp. The 4020 was the first tractor John deere offered with front-wheel assist. We have three of these 4020 wheatland diesels on the yard Two of them have 148 front end loaders and are used a lot in the summer .This is one of few tractors that after 40  years of use still brings on the market what it sold for as a new tractor.


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