Thursday, June 30, 2011

44-6 gas standard

This variant was built in 1947, 1948 and 1949. The 266 cubic inch engine had 6 cylinders and was built by Continental.The seial number on our 44-6 is # 1352. I bought it from the  Snowflake area. It came from Miami before this.

Massey- Harris 44 gas standard

The 44 Massey- Harris was built from 1947 till 1953. The tractor was available with a gasoline engine, diesel and in later years the lp  gas engine. The 4 cylinder gasoline engine  had a displacement of 260 cubic inches and produced  over 40 hp. It had only the 540 pto. We have two of these tractors. The painted one, is serial # 3951 , made in 1948. It came from Kaleida. The rusty one came from Warren. It is serial #10582, making it a 1950 model.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

International Super W4

The Super W 4 was built  in 1953 and 1954. It followed the W 4. The four cylinder engine measured 164 cubic inches and produced 29 hp.In 1954 it sold for $2100. The Super W 4 was the standard version of the Farmall Super H. Our tractor came from Brandon. The serial number on it is #1448, making it a 1953 model.

Nuffield 4 / 65

The Nuffield 4 / 65 was built in 1967, 1968 and 1969. The 4 cylinder engine measured 231 cubic inches and produced 65 hp. The engine was built by BMC. Our tractor came from Pilot Mound and was sold in Crystal City as a new tractor. It is not really a collector tractor and bought only for the tires.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

John Deere unstyled B

Production of the unstyled B started in late 1934. The B was built for more than 17 years. The two cylinder gasoline engine measured 146 cubic inches and it was claimed to produce 16 hp. In 1939 it was modernized and the new B was referred to as a styled B. Our B is not yet complete. It is serial number 1681 and referred to as a brass tag B. It was built in the first year of production. We bought it at Winkler.

John Deere 520

The 520 followed the 50 in 1956 and was built for 3 years. There were about 13000 of these tractors built. The two cylinder engine measured 190 cubic inches and produced 33 hp. It was replaced by the 530. The serial number on our tractor is 5208543 making it a 1957 model. It came from Fargo.

John Deere 530

The 530 was built in 1958,1959 and 1960. It was available with a gasoline or lp gas engine. The 190 cubic inch engine produced 33 hp. Available only in row-crop there was a choice of narrow front, single front or adjustable wide front. In 1960 it sold for $2400. The serial number on our tractor is # 5305002 making it a 1959 model. It came from Wisconson.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

IHC 706 wheatland 282 diesel

The 706 was built from 1963 till 1967. This tractor replaced the 560 and the 660. It used the same 282 cubic inch engine the 560 and 660 had used. This engine was used in the early production models. It produced 67 hp. The later 706 tractors used the 310 cubic inch motor,which we have featured at an earlier date. The 706 featured a new T/A design as well as 540 and 1000 rpm pto shafts. The serial number on our tractor is #1255 making it the 4 th tractor built in 1964. It came from Cartwright.