Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Deere 70 standard diesel

This will be the last 70 we will be featuring. The specs for the standard are the same as those for the row - crop we featured earlier. Our 70 has power steering and lpto. The serial number is #7040825 making it a 1956 model.We owned this tractor years ago, sold it to a local farmer who wanted to drive a threshing machine with it. When he passed on it came up on an auction. I could not wait as I had an appointment , so a local jockey bought it. He was glad to resell it to me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

John Deere 70 gas standard

The wheatland tractor is very similiar to the row-crop tractor. Our 70 gas standard has the power steering option. We obtained this tractor from Kramer, N.D. The serial number of it is #7014837 , making it a 1954 model.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

John Deere 70 diesel row crop.

The 70 diesel tractor was not introduced till 1954. The diesel engine had 376 cubic inches and produced 54 hp. This was John Deere's first diesel row-crop tractor. The pony motor was a new 4 cylinder model which ran 5500 rpm. There were 41,030 model 70 tractors built.The serial number of our 70 diesel is #7042422 making it a 1956 model.It has the factory round wide front axle . It has factory power steering and the rear cast rims are call vegetable rims.Our tractor came from Sidney, Manitoba.

John Deere 70 row crop gas

The John Deere 70 replaced the "G". The 70 was built from 1953 till 1956. In 1957 it was replaced by the 720. It was  built in high crop, row crop and wheatland variations and offered with diesel, lp gas and gasoline engines. In 1955 the 70 sold for $2700. The gasoline engine measured 379 cubic inches and produced 45 hp. Our 70 is equipped with the factory round wide front axle and standard pto. The serial  number is # 7020821 making it a 1955 model. We bought our 70 in Neche N.D. and drove it home to Crystal City.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

John Deere 720 gas row crop.

This will be the last variation of the 720 we will be featuring. Our tractor came from Glencoe, Minnesota. There would be a very slim chance of a tractor like this be shipped to southern Manitoba.  Our tractor has the factory narrow front with roll-o-matic. The serial number is #7222014 making it a 1958 model.

720 row crop diesel

The 720 row crop diesel tractor was a high production unit. Some of the later production were built with 24 volt direct start. Our 720 still has the pony motor. Our 720 came from Ohla, Manitoba. It was an interesting machine as the fellow we bought it from preferred the looks of a 730 to that of a 720 and had changed the sheet metal on this tractor.So we bought it with both sets of sheet metal. We changed it back to a 720 when we got it home. The serial number on our 720 diesel row crop is 7221950 making it a 1958 model. It has the John Deere square front axle.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Deere 720 standard gas

The gas standard was very similiar to the standard diesel. The gas engine measured 360 cubic inches and produced 53 hp. There were only about 560  of the 720 gas standard tractors built.  Our 720 came from western North Dakota. The serial number is 7210250  and built in 1957.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

John Deere 720 Standard diesel

The 720 was built in 1956, 1957 and 1958. They were offered with diesel, lp gas and gasoline engines. A  total of 29000 720 tractors were built. The diesel engine measured 376 cubic inches and produced 53 hp.The 720 diesel used the 4 cylinder pony motor , but in 1958 the electric start motor was offered. The 720 replaced the 70 and was replaced by the 730  after 1958. In 1958 it sold  for $3700, and add $650 for the diesel model .The serial number of our standard diesel is  # 7209277 making it a 1957 model. It came from Plum Coulee.

Monday, May 23, 2011

John Deere 730 standard electric start.

This will be the 6 th and final variation of the John Deere 730. It is the electric start diesel. This tractor used the 24 volt electric starting motor instead of the V 4 pony motor. There were 2342 wheatland diesels with the electric start built. Our 730 came from Belmont . The serial number is #7318127 and was built in 1959.