Tuesday, May 3, 2011

International WD - 9

The WD-9 McCormick- Deering was built from 1940 till 1953. The 4 cylinder diesel engine had a displacement of 335 cubic inches and produced 42 hp. There were 67418 "   9 "  tractors built. In 1940 a WD-9 on steel sold for $1295, not including the belt pulley. The WD-9 replaced the WD-40 which had been introduced in 1934 and was the first American built wheeled  tractor that used a diesel engine. The WD-9 was replaced by the Super WD-9. We have two WD-9 tractors in our collection. #60034 was built in 1952.It came from Belmont. #28631 was built in 1947 and came from a customer at Pilot Mound. We also have a W-9, the gas model of this tractor in our collection.

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