Friday, May 13, 2011

IHC 886

The International  886 was built from 1976 till 1981. The 6 cylinder engine has a displacement of 360 cubic inches till 1979 when IHC changed to the 358 cubic inch engine . It produced 77 hp. With the T/A  it had 16 forward and 8 reverse gears .In 1981 the 3288 replaced the 886. In 1981 it sold for $27500. 

Our 886 came from Treherne. The serial number on it is #14287. My father bought this tractor and used it as his second tractor. After he passed on,  I inherited  this  tractor and used it at the fertilizer plant on the auger and in winter on the snow blower. Now it blows snow at Killarney.

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  1. And what a fine job of snow blowing it does. Don't forget to add that the owner now basks in the beautiful sunshine of Texas (and doesn't remember the last time he had to blow snow) while we peons battle the elements back here.