Sunday, May 8, 2011

560 International diesel

The 560 was built from 1958 till 1963. There were 65,982- 560 tractors built. They used gasoline, lp and diesel engines. The new 6 cylinder diesel engine had 282 cubic inches and produced 72 hp. The 60 series engines used a new concept for starting, rather than the switchover system they now used glow plugs. The T/A was offered as an option. The photos show the two wheatland fender options available on these tractors.  Our  560 wheatland diesel is a work in progress. We plan to make one tractor out of three. The reason we are putting our effort into this tractor is that it is the highest registered 560 listed in the Red Power registry. On an earlier date we featured the 560 wheatland gas tractor, and on a later date will feature the Farmall 560 diesel.

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