Sunday, April 10, 2011

John Deere 4010 gas

The 4010 was the large tractor in the "New Generation " line of tractors introduced in 1960 to replace the old line-up of 2 cylinder tractors. The 4010 was available in diesel,  gas and LP. with either row-crop or standard configuration.The 6 cylinder gas engine had 302 cubic inches and produced 72 hp. Only an eight speed syncro transmission was available.The selling price in 1963 was $5500.In 1964 the 4020 replaced this tractor. This tractor came to us from McIntosh  Mn. The row-crop tractors with gas engines just were not sent to our area, especially with a narrow front.This narrow front has the "roll-o-matic" feature only available from John Deere.Our tractor is equipped with a factory 3 ph. We have a 4010 diesel standard in the collection which we will feature at a later date.

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