Friday, April 22, 2011

IHC 706 gas standard

The 706 IHC was manufactured in row-crop, standard, industrial and high-clearance  models. In 1961 the selling price of a 706 was $6100. The tractor was available in diesel, gasoline and lp gas. The early gas production used the 263 cubic inch engine , then  later changed to a 291 cubic inch engine. The 706 was rated at 67 hp. The 706 was built from 1963 till 1967. The 706 replaced the 560, and was replaced by the 756. Our 706 came from the Hartney area. It is serial number 3689, making it a 1965 model.  In our collection we have three variations of the 706 wheatland- the gasoline, the 282 diesel and the 310 German diesel model.

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