Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IHC 966

The 966 was introduced in 1971. The tractor came with a 6 cylinder 414 cubic inch engine. The gear drive model had 16 forward and 8 reverse when equipped with a T/A. The 66 series were known as the "wide frame " Farmalls.They were built to replace the 56 and 26 series.The cabs were built by Mclaughlin. The early 66 series had an all white cab. The later 66 tractors had red cabs with a white roof. Air conditioning was an option. There were over 21000 966 tractors built.In the last phase of production the paint package included a black stripe along the hood.The final selling price for a 966 was $18000. Our 966 came from Purvis. A former customer used it on a half section. Our 966's serial number is  #24814, making it a 1974 model. We have added the blade to the tractor.

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