Sunday, April 17, 2011

930 Case

The production of the 930 began in 1960 following the 900 model. They continued to use the 377 cubic inch engine with a 6 speed transmission .Diesel , LP, and gasoline engines were used.In 1963  the "Comfort King " appeared. This meant the operator sat further forward and the fuel tank was behind the operator, between the fenders. They continued to use the round wheatland fenders. Somewhere in the production of the round- fendered "Comfot Kings " Case changed to a 401 cubic inch engine which produced 71 hp. In 1966 further changes to the appearance were made when the square fendered 930 was introduced. Then a year later the 8 speed transmission was introduced.The serial number on our 930 is #8215542  making it an intermediate model built in 1963. It is a "Comfort King " with  the rounded fenders . It has a  hand clutch. The tractor comes from the Souris area. We removed the aftermarket cab when we got it home.

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