Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IHC 756

In 1967 the 756 replaced the 706. They retained the 310 cubic inch German diesel that had been used in the late model 706 tractors.  The gas model 756 used the 291 cubic inch engine.The 756 offered new features like fully hydro-static steering, different size wheel options, the "ice- box" cab, and the Excel built cab. A "Custom " model was offered at a lower price in order to compete with certain John Deere economy tractors.The 756 was built from 1967 till  1971. In 1971 it sold for $8300.Front wheel assist model was available. Our row-crop diesel tractor came from a vegetable farm at  McGregor. It came equipted with a factory 3 PH.It is serial #9902, making it a 1967 model. Tomorrow we will feature the 756 wheatland diesel.

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